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What To Wear

               People ask me all the time what they should wear for their photo shoot. I like to start with the COLOR PALETTE that you desire and go from there. I suggest mostly solids and mixing up the shades of one color to add variety. I also suggest choosing TIMELESS clothing to steer clear of dating ourselves. You do want one "Shining Star" in the photos who carries a pattern in their outfit that the rest of the group's clothing and accessories can pull from, while keeping everyone elses outfits more simple. This tends to be easier with girls or womens clothing so a mom or little girl is more often a good focal point. You then coordinate the rest of your clans outfits to match. If you're going with a softer tone or neutral palette, pick out a few color pops to coordinate between subjects.

               ACCESSORIZE! Let's get creative here! Think hats, gloves, flowers in little girls' hair, jewelry, sweaters, jackets, vests, etc. Be careful not to overwhelm yourself with them though...think tasteful. I believe lil' punkins and munchkins don't need as many accessories because we want their sweet personalities to shine through!

               Dressing in Layers gives you a lot of variety from look to look without having to do a wardrobe change. Accessories and layers also give us many more posing options to get creative and have fun with! Using multiple TEXTURES creates interest in your portraits so make sure to keep that in mind when layering. Examples of textures would be ribbon, satin, crochet, tweed, burlap, lace and ruffles. Oh, don't forget the MATCHING shoes!!

               Please feel free to contact me with any questions and I can even help finalize decisions for you at the shoot if you wish! Have fun and I'll see you soon!

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