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          Hey ya'll, I'm Kat Sparks! I began this photography endeavor April of 2004 and it has been going strong since. I am a mother of three amazing kids, two boys and a girl, and have the most beautiful grand daughter you will ever see. From the time I had my oldest, I have been crazy about getting pictures of as many moments and milestones in our lives as I possibly can. These treasures make me smile so much that I wanted to be able to give that opportunity to everyone else. This is why I started my business. FOR YOU! We all know life tends to get crazy and busy. Our moments fly by and we don't want to miss them! I take pride in making it my mission to capture those divine moments so that you have them to cherish and share for the rest of your lives. Thank you so much for choosing me to be a part of your adventures. I look forward to delivering your precious and God given moments.